Professional Scrum Developer

Looking to understand Scrum better and earn your Professional Scrum Developer (PSD from certification?

In just one day, you'll learn everything you need to successfully obtain your Scrum Developer certification.

We'll use the morning session to discuss the theory. What are the principles of Scrum? How do you apply Scrum in your team? How can you facilitate Scrum Events? And why does Scrum work so well? Additionally, we'll explore how Scrum aligns with software development practices.

The second half of the afternoon is reserved for practicing exam questions. This gives you the opportunity to identify areas where you may need to focus a bit more attention.

Once you've mastered everything and passed the practice exam, you can take the real exam that same afternoon. If you're still struggling with the material, you'll receive a voucher allowing you to take the exam at another time. This gives you more time to review the theory and practice questions.

1 day
Dutch & English
On-site & online
6 participants


At this time, it's not possible to sign up for this course.

Feel free to reach out to us to discuss the possibilities. We're here to help and can offer alternative options or keep you updated on future course availability.